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Aug 04, 2023
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Cosmetic injections are as popular now as they have ever been, and for good reason. Many people are not only looking to improve their appearance, but they are also starting to realize the health benefits that are associated with these procedures.

It’s no surprise that the statistics regarding surgical and minimally invasive procedures have changed so drastically over the years.


In the year 2000, total cosmetic surgical treatments reached a total of 1,901,049 procedures. A large majority of these came from breast augmentation (212,500), eyelid surgery (327,514), liposuction (354,015), and rhinoplasty (389,155).


By 2016, the number of total cosmetic surgical procedures had dropped by 6%, or 1,780,987 total procedures. The biggest changes came from those no longer getting blepharoplasty, liposuction, or rhinoplasty.


A big part in the change? Minimally and non-invasive options.


In 2000, there were 5,500,446 total cosmetic minimally invasive procedures performed. By 2016, the number had increased by 180% to 15,411,829. The biggest change in this number comes from procedures such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin, which jumped from 786,911 in 2000 to 7,056,255 in 2016.


These numbers go to show the importance of minimally invasive options that allow the patient to get the same results without the need for surgical cuts and the quicker healing time.


At Kessel Dermatology, we specialize in providing cosmetic injections to help our patients get the look they desire without going through the trouble of surgery. We encourage you to consult with our team and learn what options may work best for you.

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