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Aug 09, 2023
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I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “botched,” meaning cosmetic efforts that don’t always come out as planned. Cosmetic injections are used to treat wrinkles and lines in the skin by use of injection.

If an area is treated improperly, unwanted results can potentially alter your appearance permanently, damage muscle or nerves, or create extreme sensitivity. Is that worth the risk for a DIY project?


Botox and Dysport


Botox and Dysport are preventative injections to temporarily immobilize an injected area’s facial muscles to remove wrinkles and keep the face from producing more overtime. If you are not trained to give these injections, you can accidentally give the face a “frozen” look or other possible side effects such as bruising, nausea, head pain, sinus pain, or worse.


DIY Injectables


Doing injectables at home is a major risk due to a variety of factors. The actual products to be injected are only sold to physicians, so if you are purchasing them online, then you are not using the real thing. When it comes to fillers, not knowing facial anatomy can result in accidental injection into a blood vessel, causing necrosis, blindness, or even a stroke. We do not recommend DIY injections for these reasons and more.


Injections with Kessel Dermatology


Kessel Dermatology’s certified staff can help reverse the signs of aging and are highly practiced in cosmetic injections. It’s important to take experience and technique into consideration, especially when it comes to altering your appearance.


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