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Nov 27, 2023
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Whether you've never had the treatment or ? Check out some of the facts about this product that may not have known:

1) Botox has an effect on the muscles beneath the skin, not wrinkles.


2) Wrinkles soften because the muscles relax.


3) The duration of the effect does not refer to how long it takes for the wrinkles to return, but rather, how long muscle movement is inhibited.


4) The effect on the muscles takes about 2 weeks to be full strength and lasts about 3-4 months overall for most people (this depends on proper dosing.


5) Proper dosing is established through studies and in most cases, yields predictable results (the desired effect for an average duration of time).


6) The effect on the muscle gradually wears off, which means some muscle movement returns before the product has been totally broken down by the body. It doesn’t just turn off like a switch.


7) A dose adjustment can be done at 2 weeks if there is still considerable muscle movement.


8) Some muscle movement earlier than 3 months can be seen in certain people who may metabolize the product quickly. NO dose adjustment will be done for this. At this point re-injecting Botox would be considered a retreatment. To correct for this, the patient’s dose will be adjusted during the next scheduled treatment.


9) Retreating the same muscle area sooner than 3 months can result in antibody production to Botox and future immunity to it! Other practices may underdose areas then retreat more frequently. We believe this is medically, not in the best interest of our patients.


10) We charge per unit and NOT per area. Places that charge “per area” may offer free follow up dose adjustments as those cost are included in the initial cost. We believe you shouldn’t pay for something you may not need. Therefore dosing adjustments, if needed, incur the same per unit cost.


11) We start with the average does established through studies for each area based on gender. At a 2 week follow up, we can then determine if you need more Botox or not. This ensures that you get (and pay for) only the amount of product that you need.