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May 17, 2023
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A big reason people avoid getting facial fillers is the fear that the needles used to inject the treatment will be too painful. That’s where microcannula comes in!

In an effort to make injection treatments less painful, doctor’s have created a technique that takes the complications out of facial filler treatments. 

What is Microcannula?


Basically, microcannula is an improved version of the traditional hypodermic needles used to administer injection treatments. Rather than having a sharp tip like the needle, this method uses a blunt end that makes your injection treatment much easier. It’s also flexible, allowing it to move more easily than a traditional needle.


What are the benefits of Microcannula?

  • Higher Maneuverability:Your doctor will be able to perform your treatment more quickly and with less pain.
  • Little Risk of Damaging Blood Vessels: Traditional hypodermic needles can damage small blood vessels, while this method all but erases this risk.
  • Less Tissue Damage: Patients often experience less bruising when using this method.
  • Less Downtime: Since there is usually only one insertion site when using microcannula, you won’t have to spend as much time recovering.
  • New Collagen: The design of microcannula is meant to stimulate the production of new collagen to improve your facial volume.
  • Fewer Side Effects: When facial injections are administered using this method, you’re likely to experience fewer, if any, side effects.

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