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Nov 10, 2023
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In many cases, recurring skin rashes are caused by a condition known as allergic contact dermatitis. Common allergens which may lead to dermatitis symptoms include fragrances, dyes, preservatives and metals found in household or personal care products.

When a patient is suffering from frequent, persistent skin rashes or inflammation, and it has been determined that allergic contact dermatitis is to blame, skin allergy patch test may be used to determine the allergen.


What Is Involved in a Skin Allergy Patch Test?


A skin allergy patch test is a powerful diagnostic tool which can help pinpoint the source of a patient’s skin troubles. If a dermatology provider suspects that something in the patient’s environment could be causing the allergic contact dermatitis, they may suggest having this test to find the culprit of the allergy. Here are a few important things to know about what the procedure entails:

  • During a skin allergy patch test, small amounts of potential contact allergens are applied to adhesive patches. These patches are then placed on the patient’s arm or back and left on for a period of 48 hours, or three days. At this time, the patient returns to their provider, and their response to the various allergens is interpreted. In some cases, additional patch testing and follow-up visits may be necessary.
  • Once the testing process is complete and all results have been evaluated, a dermatologic expert will provide guidance on which products the patient should avoid and which are safe to use.
  • Because allergic patch testing is tailored to the patient’s individual condition, an initial evaluation is needed to identify which substances may be triggering symptoms. At Kessel Dermatology, we can assemble patches from a patient’s garments and the specific products they use at home, if needed. 

Skin allergy patch testing has a high level of accuracy, even for rashes which take several days to develop. Thus, it is the favored method for diagnosis of contact allergy among skin care professionals.


Find Relief from Chronic Dermatitis – Schedule an Appointment with Kessel Dermatology


If you are suffering from recurrent outbreaks of dermatitis which have not resolved with traditional treatment approaches, there is a possibility that something in your environment is the source of your skin irritation.


Using allergic patch testing and other advanced diagnostic methods, the skin allergy specialists at Kessel Dermatology can help you understand the nature of your condition and learn which products to avoid. To schedule an evaluation to find out if patch testing is appropriate for your unique case, call our office at 609-890-2600, or book an appointment online.