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Botox services offered in Hamilton Square, Mercer and Trenton County area, New Jersey

As we age collagen begins to break down in the skin. The repetitive motions of the upper face such as squinting, raising the eyebrows or furrowing the brow cause creases in the skin. With time these creases become visible even at rest when there is no motion.


botoxThese lines and wrinkle are apparent on the forehead, frown lines between the eyes “11”, and around the eyes as “crow’s feet”. In order to improve the appearance of these lines, it is necessary to inhibit the facial movements that caused them in the first place.

Botox® Cosmetic is the neuromuscular blocker that has been pioneering the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles since 2002 and is the ONLY FDA approved product for frown lines between the eyes, forehead lines and crow’s feet.


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