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Evolvex Transform

Evolvex Transform

Evolvex Transform services offered in Hamilton Square, NJ


Non invasive Body Contouring


Whether you’re already in good shape and just want to take your definition to the next level, or you have one or two stubborn spots to treat. This is right for you. 

How Does Evolve-X Treatment Work?

Evolve X is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that removes stubborn fat, tightens skin, and tones muscle in several body areas, such as the arms, abdomen, waist, inner and outer thighs, back, legs, and buttocks. It uses a combination of high voltage bi-polar radio frequency with continuous muscle activation via electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), allowing it to work on the skin, fat, and muscles. That’s a 3-dimensional body transformation.

It distributes a high voltage of radio frequency energy, delivering deep heat into the skin to induce selective hyperthermia (elevated core temperature). This loosens the fat cell membrane’s structure, making it more absorbent. Then, it simultaneously transmits electrical impulses through EMS, causing electroporation on fat cells. 

This simply means that the heat plus the strong electrical fields cause damage to the fat cell membrane. This is effective for fat reduction because it leads to apoptosis or fat cell death.

The heat also triggers collagen production, resulting in skin tightening and remodeling. And then EMS induces muscle contractions, building and strengthening muscles beyond what workouts alone can achieve.

What Areas Can Evolve-X Treatment Help Address?

InMode EvolveX targets these common stubborn fat areas to remove fat and tighten the skin:‍

  • Hips
  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Knees
  • Arms
  • Chest wall
  • Upper back

What Are The Benefits Of Evolve X?

One of Evolve X’s main benefits is its versatility. The distinct applicators allow patients to receive more issue-focused treatments like tightening the skin around the arms using the Tite applicator, as well as increasing muscle tone in the abdomen using the Tone applicator or going for a complete treatment that offers both skin toning and fat reduction with the same area with the Transform applicator. This gives clients more precise body-shaping results.

In addition to its precision and is a complete all-in-one body transformation treatment, Evolve X helps:

  • Tone the abdomen
  • Lift and shapes the buttocks
  • Trim and tighten the thighs 
  • Tone the arms
  • Reduce fat and cellulite
  • Tighten skin· 
  • Improve skin tone

This is a non-invasive, pain-free treatment with no downtime or side effects.

What Makes Evolve-X A Unique Treatment?

The Inmode EvolveX Body Contouring has three different modalities: Tite, Tone, and Transform.

InMode Evolve Tone

Evolve Tone is a non-invasive and innovative body sculpting and muscle toning in the market to tone, strengthen, and firm the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, and hips.

Evolve Tone is designed to focus on increasing muscle tone and strength precisely. It uses EMS, electrical muscle stimulation technology, to stimulate the involuntary contraction of muscle groups.

InMode Evolve Tite

Evolve Tite can improve skin laxity and eliminate sagging skin. Evolve is most effective in specific body areas, such as the abdomen, arms, and thighs, where the skin’s elasticity is lost. Evolve treatment uses radiofrequency thermal energy resulting in tightening skin tissues and triggering our body’s production of collagen for firmer and younger-looking skin.

InMode Evolve Transform

Evolve Transform provides three procedures in one visit. Using the Transform applicator treats skin looseness and stubborn fat while building and toning underlying muscles to sculpt desired body area. Bipolar radiofrequency energy (RF) is used for deep heating of the skin and fat tissue, causing tightening of the skin and melting unwanted fat. Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) delivers a synergistic toning and stimulates muscles to strengthen and tone the area producing transformative results.


What To Expect During The Evolve-X Treatment?

As a convenient, non-invasive body contouring method, Evolve-X helps reduce fat and improve skin appearance. No incisions or recovery time is involved. Depending on the treatment area, the treatment generally only takes 30 to 60 minutes so that patients can resume regular activity immediately.

Depending on which Evolve-X treatment suits you best, it may vary when to start seeing results. Repeat treatments may also be needed depending on the skin, shape, and desired outcomes. Evolve X body sculpting permanently destroys fat cells, but it’s still important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine for the best results.

Generally, patients find Evolve X body sculpting treatments comfortable. They may experience a warm sensation in the treatment area during the procedure. 

If any discomfort or pain is experienced, talk to a provider. After receiving Evolve X, redness or warmth in the treated area may be noticeable, but this should subside within a few hours.

Are Evolve-X Treatments Safe?

The FDA has cleared Evolve devices as safe, but as with any cosmetic treatment, it’s important to find a well-trained provider. 

Many people describe the Evolve treatments as warm but comfortable for those who worry about pain. The provider should also be able to make adjustments during the treatment if the patient experiences any discomfort.

Who Should Receive The Treatment?

This innovative body contouring system is for anyone with small areas of fat that persist despite diet and exercise, cellulite, or those seeking more muscle tone and definition. However, Evolve -X is not a substitute for liposuction or weight loss. The following may not be ideal candidates if:

  • Having a pacemaker or other electronic implants
  • With metal plates, screws, etc., in the treatment area
  • With a BMI ( Body Mass Index) greater than 38

How Many Sessions Are Required?

Most people notice some fat reduction and skin tightening results after the first one to two treatments. Full-fat reduction, skin tightening, and muscle-building results take two to three months after completing a series of six treatments.

  • Individuals would need 6 Sessions once a week for 6 weeks.


Maintenance Schedules

  • Evolve Tone- One session every 3 months
  • Evolve Tite- One session every 6-9 months. 


  • What To Do After An Evolve-X Treatment To Have The Best Results?

Stay hydrated for 24 hours after the treatment to help flush out destroyed fat cells and encourage new cellular growth for skin tightening. Continue with a healthy eating and exercise regimen to avoid gaining new weight.