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Fillers services offered in Hamilton Square, NJ

Noticeable, yet refined smoothing for dynamic wrinkles and folds.

How Aging Affects The Skin

  • Loss of collagen and facial fat are part of the natural aging process, which usually begins in someone’s 20s.
  • At this point, the skin’s natural supports begin to diminish, producing a gradual loss of definition in the cheeks, eyes, temples, lips, jawline, and forehead.
  • As the skin ages, it begins to lose its youthful elasticity, and this results in the emergence of wrinkles and sagging of the skin.
  • There is a hallowing around the eye sockets along with sunken temples, flattened cheeks, and loose skin around the jawline, better known as jowls.
  • Fine lines appear on the lips and around the nose.
  • Nasolabial folds form around the corners of the nose and mouth and oral commissures develop just beneath the corner of the mouth.
  • The skin appears drier, thinner, and less pliable and vibrant.

RHA 3 is a hyaluronic acid filler made by Revance Aesthetics that is designed to more closely mimic the skin's natural hyaluronic acid. 

 Adapt seamlessly to the dynamic demands of the face to achieve a natural look when correcting folds and volume loss in the face. 

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