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Melanoma services offered in Hamilton Square, Trenton, and Mercer County area, New Jersey

Melanoma isn’t the most common type of skin cancer, but it’s the deadliest. The highly skilled providers at Kessel Dermatology, servicing the Hamilton Square, Trenton, and Mercer County areas in New Jersey, offer skin cancer screening and treatment for melanoma. They take an individualized approach to melanoma care using the most advanced treatments so you get the best outcomes. To schedule a melanoma consultation at Kessel Dermatology, call the office or book an appointment online today. 

Melanoma Q & A

What is melanoma?

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that develops when there’s an uncontrolled growth of pigment-producing cells called melanocytes. It’s the deadliest type of skin cancer because it can grow and spread quickly. However, early diagnosis and treatment increase your chances of a full recovery.

Overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun and tanning lamps are the main cause of all types of cancer, including melanoma. UV light damages the skin and skin cells, changing the DNA that leads to cancerous lesions.

Anyone can develop melanoma, but it’s more common in people with 50 or more moles. People with a family history of melanoma are also at greater risk of developing skin cancer. 

What does melanoma look like?

Melanoma looks like an abnormal mole. Kessel Dermatology uses the ABCDE acronym to help patients identify suspicious-looking moles so they can address them quickly.

ABCDE stands for:

  • Asymmetry: the mole is uneven
  • Border: the border is scalloped or irregular
  • Color: the mole is different colors
  • Diameter: the size of the mole is larger than a pencil eraser
  • Evolving: the mole is changing over time

Melanoma may grow from an existing mole or appears as a new mole. If you have an abnormal mole, schedule an appointment right now. Kessel Dermatology has same-and next-day appointments. 

What happens during a melanoma consultation?

You can expect a comprehensive and compassionate evaluation when you visit Kessel Dermatology for a melanoma consultation. Your provider reviews your medical and family history and examines your skin from head to toe, paying close attention to the mole of concern.

Your provider may take a mole biopsy and send it to the pathology lab to confirm or rule out melanoma.

What are the treatments for melanoma?

Treatment for melanoma depends on its stage. However, surgical removal of the growth is the primary treatment. 

The providers at Kessel Dermatology include skilled surgical dermatologists who use various techniques to remove your melanoma while limiting damage to the healthy tissue, like Mohs surgery. They customize your melanoma treatment plan based on the location and size of your lesion.

If your melanoma has spread to other areas, Kessel Dermatology refers you to an oncologist for additional treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Don’t wait to schedule your melanoma evaluation. Call Kessel Dermatology or book an appointment online today.